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AQD Product Features

Fact: "Every 8 seconds an aircraft monitored by AQD takes-off somewhere in the world".

As the first system to combine elements of Quality Assurance with more traditional Flight Safety concepts, AQD systematically ensures that corrective actions are effective. AQD offers a high level of functionality and real efficiencies in incident recording and quality assurance.

Utilising Professor James Reason's approach to causal analysis, AQD gathers incident, accident and occurrence reports together with internal and external quality and safety audits for joint analysis.

Web-based and offline information capture enables access to the system by all staff.  This creates a simple, direct and more accurate process for the submission of Occurrence Reports from the field to the appropriate Safety department.  Role based rights control the information that the user can access and amend.

AQD offers tools for creating internal audit programs, assisting with audits for all departments, tracking corrective and preventive actions, integrating external audit requirements and analysing and reporting trends in quality indicators.

Because no two airlines are the same, AQD offers total customisation in key areas. For example, you can design your own Occurrence Report input screens, convert your existing databases to AQD so you will lose none of your valuable historic data - and AQD can start using that data, plus new information, immediately to assist you in isolating areas where attention should be directed.

Finally, AQD offers an IATA STEADES interface enabling safety information sharing in the industry.

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